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Bidadari BTO

2024年1月2日 Light Makers

Bidadari BTO

Getting your BTO soon? Contact our experts at #LightMakersSG to get free lighting consultation on the best kind of lighting and ceiling fan suited for your housing type and budget.

Lights are crucial to transform the appearance of your new apartment. From colours, designs to the brightness of the fixture, all play a role in completing your interior theme. Track lighting as a general light source is a great choice, it is quite discrete and doesn't take up much space but excellent to set the right tone and moods. A few decorative pendants to illuminate your favourite corners can add a dramatic effect and make all the difference.

A brand new apartment won't have much personality but it sure can be addressed easily through the selection of good lighting. Speak with us today for an affordable BTO lighting package that is catered specially for houses in Singapore.