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Top 5 Modern lighting styles Singaporeans need to know about their BTO flat

2023年12月6日 Light Makers

Top 5 Modern lighting styles Singaporeans need to know about their BTO flat

Now that your dream home is finally a reality, it’s time to talk about furnishing it to your tastes. Your BTO flat is a culmination of the long wait in applications and the time and effort spent to cater it to your specifications, so it’s only fair to make sure that your space is lit to highlight its best features and complement its purpose.

Modern home lighting should not be restricted to typical mundane track lighting and ceiling fans with built-in light kits. The options are limitless, but the best ones bring out the individualism in your home. Here are some ways to make lighting your BTO flat more creative:


1. Balcony Lights

To truly bring the outdoors in, treat your balcony as more than just a terrace where you store stuff. Using hanging lamps can completely change the vibe of your balcony, and you can transform it into an extension of your living space where one can entertain guests while enjoying the view, or as a quiet area of the house where one can read in peace. On clear nights, you can even “camp” out with your kids to stargaze or create an intimate dinner with your partner under romantic fairy lights.


2. Living Room

The living room is more often than not multi-purposed. It is where you receive guests, but on quiet nights, it also serves as a social space where your family bonds. During the circuit breaker as you work from home, it can even be your makeshift office, or on weekends, a place to sit back and unwind.

Using designer-inspired lights as the focal point of your living room ignites conversations with guests and creativity in your family. Your multi-purposed living room deserves lighting that is just as hardworking, setting up a comfortable space that is stylish and warm while being able to foster discussions and spark inspiration whether you’re working or entertaining.


3. Entertainment Room

Missing the intimate feel of the cinema, where it seems like the real world has fallen away and there’s only you and the story? Simulate that vibe whether you’re watching your favourite shows or playing an immersive video game with smart lighting. Smart lighting can sync with your entertainment system to give you appropriate lighting without straining your eyes.

Smart lighting can also transform the space according to what you need it to be without moving an inch of furniture. It can change the colour and dimness of your lights at the touch of an app, allowing you control over the mood and vibe of your entertainment area. Bonus perk: smart lighting can also give you an extra level of security with scheduled timers to simulate flat occupancy even if you’re not home.


4. Dining / Kitchen

Lighting your kitchen requires special attention. You want to make sure that it’s bright enough so you can cook and prepare food unimpeded, but at the same time, you want to ensure that it is warm and inviting. This applies to your dining room as well, where you interact with your guests the most. You need to be able to emphasize the food and create an inviting atmosphere while making sure that it’s not too dark to eat.

A creative blend of functional and decorative lights in your kitchen and dining spaces solves this problem. The kitchen needs functional lights that do not detract from the beauty of your interior design. Recessed lighting offers a subtle illumination to a well-lit kitchen space without looking too harsh, accompanied by stylish task lighting like under-cabinet LED strips allows greater focus and brightness to prevent accidents while chopping and cooking. In the dining room, hanging pendants paired with dimmable lights allow you to control the ambience and give your guests room to choose between a night to wind down or for elaborate discussions.


5. Children’s Room

When it comes to children’s rooms, you need to consider lighting that keeps them interested and stimulated, but safe enough for curious minds and hands. At the same time, it must grow with them as the lighting needs of babies, toddlers and children of reading age are vastly different.

Tricky as it is, it’s not impossible. Make sure that the room’s overhead lighting is bright enough for play and study, and can safely be adorned with your child’s interests. Be it planets and stars, birds and nature, or lanterns in the shape of clouds or even a DIY-light kit to create a cheery room.

But most importantly, don’t forget bedside reading lights. If your child is tucked in with a bedtime story, bedside wall lights or even floor and table lamps will help to set the mood and be conveniently switched off once they snooze.

Lighting your dream home does not have to be boring, especially when stores like Light Makers can customise your lighting to make your BTO stylish and homey. Browse through our store now and download our latest 2024 lighting catalogues, or speak to us for the featured Lattice series and find out the best LED lighting options for illuminating your home.