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3 Ways To Style Up Your Office Lights

2023年12月6日 Light Makers

3 Ways To Style Up Your Office Lights

Any designer knows that the number one trick to making any space work is proper lighting. No matter how awkward the layout, creative lighting can make the most out of any area, especially in places where you have to be productive as the office.

Office lighting tends to vacillate between stark and unflattering or moody yet impractical. Uninspired fluorescent lighting makes the office look cold and clinical, while moody recessed bulbs look pretty but can make it hard to finish tasks without feeling sleepy. Finding the balance between functional and stylish can be tricky, but not impossible. Here are some styling tips to help you deliver a productive and impressive office space for your clients.


Style Tip 1: Consider Mimicking Natural Light

Humans are hard-wired to seek out natural light. Natural light has a direct effect on our happiness, important in warding off seasonal depression and reducing stress levels. However, natural light is greatly dependent on the building’s structure and sometimes there aren’t a lot of ways to bring it in.

To reduce the feeling of being cooped up, install lighting that can mimic the brightness of natural light. Strategic overhead lighting makes sure that the entire office floor gets the right amount of light. Suspended linear lights in particular have become trendy in recent years for its stylish way of illuminating a space. They are perfect for injecting an industrial accent in a space, adding height, and creating a well-lit productive work floor.


Style Tip 2: Supplement Task Lighting With Moveable Lights

While overhead lighting can make space look bigger and well-lit, task lighting is still important to keep employees focused and productive. Track lights are usually employed to provide workstations with focused lighting, but while they can swivel, they are usually fixed in place, forcing people to adjust to the light instead of the light conforming to the task.

To make the most out of task lighting, opt for moveable magnetic lights like Light Makers’ Mini Track M26A. Unlike track lights, magnetic lights can click onto any part of the power beam to illuminate tasks, even if you’re in an open-plan office. Also, magnetic lights allow for individual light control, so employees who prefer different light settings can work simultaneously without sacrificing their eyesight. Its sleek and sexy design also does away with the unsightly cords that mess up the aesthetics of an office, and you can choose the mounting style and insets that fit your project.


Style Tip 3: Increase Productivity by Setting The Mood

Offices that are only designed to keep employees working are more likely to be counterintuitive. To boost productivity, you have to create an ambiance where it is a joy to work. This means creating spaces that inspire imagination, alleviate stress, and bring out the best in the employees.

Create the signature style of the business with decorative lighting that fits the brand. Fun and artistic lighting benefits companies with relaxed and playful work culture, serving as a cue for its people that creativity is valued here. It doesn’t mean that more serious companies like banks and accounting firms need to be stark and rigid with their lighting: in fact, brands that require stricter decorum improve mood and productivity with a subtle class that can be perfected with the right lighting styles.

The secret to a stylish yet productive office is to consider sexy and appropriate lighting that puts productivity on its repertoire. Light Makers can customise lighting solutions to client specifications to make sure that your lighting plan fulfills and impresses in every project.

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