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Over 37 years of iIlluminating lives, not just spaces. We blend artful design with practical elegance, infusing tradition with innovation for distinctive lighting solutions. Each luminaire is a testament to our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, making every Light Makers piece a symbol of timeless elegance.

Our journey spanning over thirty years is marked by providing insightful, innovative advice and tailor-made solutions for an array of residential spaces, commercial buildings, and extensive lighting ventures.

Coming mid-2024, our lighting store at Jalan Besar, Singapore is set for a stunning makeover! We're excited to unveil a newly renovated Level 2 showroom, offering you an even more delightful shopping experience.

The Spark Begins


Founded by directors and real-life partners James Ng and Julia Han in 1986, Light Makers embarked on a journey to transform the ambiance of local homes beyond the conventional scope of a lighting retailer.

Specializing in product modifications and customisation — a service scarcely offered in the lighting industry — we aimed to create a memorable engagement with our customers, ensuring our unique and personalised services left a lasting impression.

Glowing Up


Starting at Sim Lim Square, Light Makers emerged as a prominent showroom within Singapore’s iconic lights and electronics building, attracting both local and international clientele — catalysing a business growth and team expansion era.

Our Kaki Bukit storage facility further established our position as a legitimate market player by importing premium lighting from Spain and Italy, enhancing our market presence and commitment to quality.

A New Look for Our Store


Relocating to a more expansive three-story shophouse at Jalan Besar allowed us to better showcase our diverse and expanding product line.

Despite being surrounded by competition, our loyal customers from Sim Lim Square, leveraging the Yellow Pages (before Google Maps existed), found us again, reinforcing the deep loyalty and connection we've built over the years. 

This store is now the headquarters for all our operations, where walk-in customers can find direct assistance for all their lighting needs. 

Radiant Innovations


Pioneering in custom lighting, our experienced and customer-centric team, began turning client visions and concepts into stunning, tangible designs. Collaborating closely with skilled local welders using personalized sketches, we honed our craft without resorting to mass production, focusing on quality craftsmanship, unique bespoke lighting, and committed service. 

This dedication not only delivers unmatched custom lighting solutions but also reaffirms our proud identity as a homegrown Singaporean brand.

Extending Our Team


Joining the family business, Rachel Ng revolutionized Light Makers by leading its digital transformation. Her pioneering efforts led to the launch of Light Makers' first e-commerce platform and cultivation of a vibrant online presence — establishing trust and visibility on social channels.

By harnessing the power of digital marketing and e-commerce, we not only expanded the business globally but also fortified the brand's online presence across multiple platforms. This pivotal leap not only widened our market but also fortified our social credibility, inviting customers across the globe to explore, connect and illuminate their spaces with our products.

Production House in China


By forging partnerships with quality-centric producers, Light Makers has expanded its customization capabilities to address rising demands and operational costs. Establishing ties with Chinese production houses that are consistent and reliable, we advance our offerings to mass customization while retaining the ability to tailor bespoke lighting experiences to each customer’s unique vision. 

Our management’s frequent personal visits to these facilities underscore our commitment to stringent quality control. Their hands-on approach ensures that our customers always receive products of unmatched quality. This approach reflects our dedication to exclusivity and personal touch.

Embracing the Digital Dawn


Embracing the digital transformation, Light Makers e-commerce platform transcended geographical boundaries. We expanded our reach globally, illuminating homes beyond local shores with our bespoke lighting. This digital evolution highlighted our dedication to quality and innovation, creating a community of storytellers reflected in over 160+ glowing reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Google.

But it wasn't just about going online. It was about fostering a global community bound by a love for bespoke lighting. Each engagement has been an opportunity to enrich lives, one illuminated space at a time.

Growing Our Connections


At Light Makers, it's not just about creating lights; it's about creating enduring relationships and sharing the light of innovation with the world.

Travelling all around the world to attend prestigious lighting events, where the pulse of global innovations and lighting trends beats the strongest, our pursuit for ingenuity was instrumental in enriching our insights to bring back to Asia. 

Conferences by the acclaimed Light + Building Fair at Frankfurt, or Guangzhou and Hong Kong Lighting Fair, they marked brand new opportunities. Here, we exchanged visions with other industry leaders, affirming our desire to be Asia’s go-to lighting supplier in the global lighting landscape.



At Light Makers, our promise to our customers reflects a singular vision: to enhance your experience in discovering and acquiring bespoke lighting. Our brand relaunch isn’t just a new look — it’s a renewed commitment to make your search for the perfect lighting solution effortless.

Optimizing the experience for homeowners, architects, and interior designers alike, we simplified the complex and personalized the journey. Because we believe that the right light not only transforms spaces but also elevates experiences. 

Step into the light with us, where every click brings you closer to your envisioned ambiance.

Step inside Our World of illumination - A Virtual Experience Awaits

Our production house in China is a vast space where creativity meets craftsmanship. Allow us to brighten your world with tailor-made designs that glow with the brilliance of your imagination!

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  • Certification Body - CB
  • Conformité Européenne - CE
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  • Safety Mark Singapore
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances - ROHS
  • China Compulsory Certificate - CCC
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