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Lighting Tips

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Seeking the ideal placement for light fixtures? Our guide offers common measurements for everything from light switch heights to pendant sizes, simplifying your selection. Remember, light fixtures vary, and personal preferences or specific needs like ADA compliance may require expert consultation and adherence to local codes. Use our guide as a helpful starting point, not a one-size-fits-all solution, to avoid being left in the dark.


Optimal Lighting Heights for Chandeliers and Pendants over Kitchen Counters

For optimal lighting and style, hang chandeliers or pendants 30”-36” above your kitchen island. This height avoids obstructions and hazards while ensuring effective illumination and aesthetic appeal.
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Effective Sizing and Spacing for Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

Choose pendant lights for your kitchen island wisely. For a 6-foot island, use 6” diameter lights, spaced 30” apart. Hang them 30”-36” above the island for ideal illumination and clear sightlines, enhancing both ambiance and functionality.
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Selecting the Ideal Pendant Light Size for Your Dining Room

For dining table pendants, ensure about 6” of space on each side. Choose a fixture with a diameter of 1/2 to 3/4 of your table's width for a balanced, stylish look.

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Optimal Vanity Light Placement for Bathrooms

Vanity lights, varied in shape and size, should be at eye level for even facial illumination. A good height for side-mounted vanity lights is between 60” and 70” from the floor, aligning with the average eye level and ensuring optimal lighting for bathroom activities.

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The Best Placement Over Mirror Vanity Lights

For vanity lighting above a mirror, choose a light about ¾ to the full width of the mirror, avoiding overhang or insufficient illumination. For wider mirrors, consider using 2 or 3 lights to ensure adequate coverage and balanced lighting.

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Perfecting Bedroom Lighting with Ideal Bedside Wall Light Heights

Position bedside lights at eye level (28”-30” above the mattress) for optimal reading comfort. Ensure they're within reach but not too close to obstruct sleep.

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Optimal Placement of Downlights for Enhanced Wall Illumination

Place downlights 36”-48” from walls for a balanced light wash, enhancing ambiance and space. Adjust distance for ceiling height and desired effect, considering beam angles for optimal lighting.

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Effective Spacing for Can Lights in Recessed Lighting Layouts

For recessed lighting, space can lights at half your ceiling height: 4’ apart for 8’ ceilings, 5’ for 10’ ceilings.

It ultimately depends on how much lighting you need, and remember to position the lights above task areas, such as reading spots or work surfaces.

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Achieving Perfect Spacing for Effective Track Lighting

Track lighting offers flexibility; space track heads 2'-4' apart for general use. Easily adjust them for specific tasks like lighting artwork or cooking areas as needed.

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Optimal Spacing for Effective Track Lighting Head Placement Near Walls

For track lighting, adjust head distance based on ceiling height (8'-16'). Angle track heads at 30 degrees for artwork to minimize glare.

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Perfecting Wall Light Spacing for Optimal Illumination

For wall sconces, space them 8’-10’ apart for even lighting. Consider lumen output and room layout, including door frames and furniture, for optimal placement.
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The Ideal Height for Wall Light Placement

Hang wall lights at eye level, typically between 60”-70” from the ground, for ideal lighting and visual appeal.

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Strategic Outdoor Lighting Placement for a Well-Illuminated Exterior

For outdoor wall lights, use the same guidelines as indoor wall sconces. With two fixtures, place one on each side of the door. For a single fixture, install it on the doorknob side to better illuminate the person at the door.

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