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White Beauty

2024年1月2日 Light Makers

White Beauty

At #LightMakersSG, our team of experts worked with countless customers in turning sketches of lights into reality.

A friendly lady came into the showroom after Googling for customised lights and needed a chandelier for her home. It had to be 1.5m wide in diameter to fill the airspace within the 3-storey landed property, and add a modern touch to the place.

She found this design in our catalogue that she liked and tasked our team to perform the installation as well for convenience. The team got to work and with the sketch drawn, we also included value-add services to replace the existing old chains and wiring onsite to match the new chandelier.

This customer was so impressed that she went on to purchase 3 more decorative pendants for her porch, staircase and master room!