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5 Reasons Why A Lighting Consultant Is Important

2024年1月20日 Light Makers

5 Reasons Why A Lighting Consultant Is Important

When it comes to interior design, lighting is often not the priority people give to or mainly an after-thought once the floor plan is cast in stone. However, be it a private or commercial property that you are looking to further beautify, it is important to consider your lighting fixtures early on in the process. This diligent planning will help to improve the overall ambience of your space, and making it a lot more enticing through a consistent theme. If you are not sure where to begin, consider speaking with a professional lighting consultant instead of trying to figure it all out on your own.



A professional lighting consultant specialises in lighting scheme designs for different industries. They work with electrical contractors and design consultants, as well as architects to help you install lights that will enhance, and improve the overall styling and illumination of your space.

Below are five reasons why engaging a lighting consultant is important for you:

1. Experience and Qualification

Lighting consultants are in high demand for their knowledge on how to combine light levels and different colours to bring out the desired effect you are looking for. Equipped with a keen sense of design, the ability to work with light and space, as well as the right experience and qualification, you can focus on other priorities knowing that you have left the task in good hands.

2. Knowledge of Industry Trends

As professionals, they would be kept well up to date on the existing industry trends. This means that they can advise you on the latest trends, designs, and models which work best for your space.

3. Active Communication

A professional would also be able to listen to your needs as well as they can speak. They would be able to provide you with the best advise on what works for you, what does not, and which options are the most economical which you can conveniently get access to via active discussion.

4. Design and Functionality

While we may choose our lights based on our own design preferences, a lighting professional looks at much more than just aesthetics. As someone trained to analyse and understand your space, they would also be able to advise you on options that are sustainable in maintenance and as functional as they look nice.

5. Interior and Exterior Lighting

Not to be mistaken for the traditional electrician, a lighting consultant is also equipped with the know-how to help you manage your interior and exterior lighting projects from the initial design phase to installation.



If you need a lighting consultant in Singapore, Light Makers is more than equipped with the knowledge and expertise to advise you. With over 30 years of experience, we have become one of Singapore’s established specialists in the field.

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