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Different Types of LED Lights Available

2024年1月20日 Light Makers

Different Types of LED Lights Available

LED lights have gained such rapid popularity in the last few years that they have become the go-to light source for many different types of products. Although it is now a common lighting term to hear these days, did you know that there’s so much more to LED than meets the eye?

LED lights comes in so many different types, shapes, and colours for different functions and, with the right combination, it can help you shape the atmosphere of your living or workspace.

Find out more about the different types of LED lighting below!


1. High-Powered LEDS

Also known as HPLED, this LED lighting provides you with a much more powerful and brighter light source. However, they have a higher chance of overheating therefore they do need to be mounted with heat-absorbent materials too.

They have become a popular choice because HPLED are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan. However, they do cost a bit more compared to incandescent or fluorescent lights.

2. Super-flux LEDS

These LED lightings are designed to provide the maximum amount of light emission and are often used for large panels such as billboards and street signs.

3. Brightness

When purchasing LED, it is no longer about the wattage, it is about how bright you want it to be. LEDs are sold by lumens, which can be used to measure the brightness level and how much light the LED is able to emit. For instance, the equivalent of a 60 watts lamp would be around 800 lumens.

4. Light Appearance

When determining whether you wish to opt for a cool or warm LED lighting, take note of the LED’s correlated colour temperature (CCT). CCT is measured in kelvin (K). The higher the kelvin, the more cool blue light shines through. Conversely, a lower kelvin LED will emit warmer lights.

5. Colour Rendering

Allow your LED lighting to help you decide how you wish to light every room in your home. LED lighting can even allow you to select what sort of light potential you would like based on time, ambience preferences, or mood.

For instance, bulbs that emit blue light waves will cause your brain to produce serotonin which keeps you awake, focused, and alert while bulbs that do not emit blue light waves tells your brain to produce melatonin which helps your body to relax for the night.


How Light Makers Can Help You

There are not many customise lighting shops in Singapore, and with over 30 years of experience to back it up - we have become one of Singapore’s trusted and established specialist in the field. If you need a lighting consultant in Singapore, Light Makers is more than equipped with the knowledge and expertise to advise you.

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