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2021 Lighting Design Trends You Need To Know

Jan 4, 2024 Light Makers

2021 Lighting Design Trends You Need To Know

LED technology continues to lead innovation in lighting design. Besides functionality, lighting is now an affordable method to showcase creativity in an eco-friendly way. Using LED lights is an incredibly efficient way for homeowners to set the ambiance of their room to whatever they want it to be. 

There are only a few months left until 2021 arrives. It goes without saying that there will be new trends for you to explore. If you want to keep your space stylish and smart, plan early for your renovation according to these upcoming trends in lighting design.


3 latest trends in lighting design

1. Comfortable Living

This year, we have spent a lot of time in our homes. Hopefully, you now realize how each part of the house, even the lighting, can shape the level of comfort. With a little help, you can change your house from looking boring to relaxing. A simple yet effective way to change the whole atmosphere is through lighting. Add a bit of fun by having decorative lights you can enjoy coming home to.

Comet Designer Inspired Stylish Table Lamp (Glossy/ Hairline)

Paper Cranes Bird Lamp Collection (Pendant/ Wall/ Table/ Floor)

Peacock Glamor Feather Floor Lamp With Gold Stand


2. Modern-Day Sculptural Chandeliers

Let art light up the room – literally. Throw away the archaic thinking that chandeliers are merely ballroom crystals connected to typical arms. Nowadays, there are an array of modern and timeless designs that utilize its versatile lighting. Make sure to choose the design that will bring life to the room. It will serve as your main source of lighting, so it’s safer to choose designs like the ones listed below.

Allianz Cosmos Moon Stone Hanging Decorative Pendant

Cain Finnish Architectural Winding Modern Home Office Pendant

Galliant Majestic Glass Rod Gold Plated Leaves Staircase Foyer Light


3. Sleek & Stylish (& Smart!) Lights

As the new year approaches, it’s time to style smart. Control your lighting without leaving the comfort of your seat. Smart lights let you change the brightness and the colour via smartphone. With a simple gesture, you can immediately personalize your lighting according to your mood or lifestyle. Here some of the smart lights you can have for your home or shop.

Aski Downthrow Diffuse Lighting Surface Downlight

Move It Series Magnetic Tracklights Lighting

Yeelight Smart E27 Led Bulb

Keeping up with the latest trend is easy when you visit the right shop. With Light Makers, you’ll have plenty of options to enhance your environment with the right kind of illumination. We offer various kinds of lighting to suit any type of room. Contact us today on our website:

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