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Vintage Light Additions

Jan 2, 2024 Light Makers

Vintage Light Additions

A lot of offices are relocating to warehouses in view of flexible remote working arrangements today. 

These industrial buildings have few windows, high ceilings, and large floor surfacing. Thus, such office spaces require a specific or unique warehouse lighting system that illuminates the area sufficiently to increase work productivity while improving the overall look of the office space to avoid it looking too factory-like for inspiring work. 

Our LED product line ranges from industrial loft themes to vintage lamps that will turn up in style for your selected space. There is no space like home, but you can make a comfortable setting at work that will make employees want to turn up. 

Choose LED lighting to save on maintenance costs and reduce heat output. Add floor, movable lamps around to receive streams of light at every angle. Choose Light Makers Singapore.

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