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Jan 2, 2024 Light Makers


The inspired use of lighting can revolutionise an interior space. From classic and refined to radical and exuberance, the modern lighting collection today include standing lamps in different shapes and designs as seen in our display. These lamps can be placed almost anywhere, beside couches or work tables. Ideal for supplementing ceiling lights or other fixtures, floor lamps add an extra dimension to furniture shops.

Our sofa & furniture store partner, HomesToLife brings our collection to life with exciting pairings to add a fresh take in interior spaces. Visit any of their 5 convenient outlets located around Singapore to see our workmanship for yourself!

Check out the numerous sizes, colours and styles we offer, and order from our “Floor Lamp” section, to awe yourself with LED floor lamps that can be placed in houses or in stores to value-add the working space.

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