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2022 Lighting Trends You’ll Want to Know All About

Jan 4, 2024 Light Makers

2022 Lighting Trends You’ll Want to Know All About

Happy New Year everyone!

The start of a new year could represent new beginnings for some and we thought it would be a great idea to share a few lighting trends that we’ve gathered for 2022! If you’re working on a new home and haven’t quite decided what sort of fixtures to go for, have a look at the list below for new year’s trend first:


1. Alabaster Fixtures

Image: Clifford

Perfect for neutral lovers who a partial to the antique look, they provide soft, warm light that most people are looking out for these days. Plus, they come in organic and beautiful designs that can’t quite be achieved with the usual materials used in light fixtures.


2. Vintage Fixtures 

Image: Taurus

Vintage Lighting is gaining popularity thanks to how unique and affordable they can be. Timeless and easy on the eyes. Given its popularity, there are now more designs available with LED which have been given an updated look too!


3. Statement Fixtures

Image: Peacock

Lighting trends have begun to shift more towards sculptural lighting and have taken on more abstract designs. As we strive to inject individuality into our new homes, it is also seen in the choices that we are beginning to make these days. There has been a growth in statement light pieces that are unique, artful, and bold. Try keeping an eye out for a piece that reflects your personality and style!


4. Sculptural LED Lighting

Image: Glamour

Taking on a more flexible and artsy approach, malleable LEDs can now be used to make illuminated drawings and whatnots on the wall. This makes for a nice custom piece in neon lights that is functional, individualistic, yet affordable for neon-led wall lights! Or let your glamorous self shine through customised glass sculptures fitted with LED bulbs along with any empty space in your home. Glass-blown sculptures are organic, stylish, and one-of-a-kind.


5. Nordic Fixtures 

Image: Kingston

The Nordic lighting style embraces minimalistic vibes that are going to gain even bigger popularity in 2022. If you like to keep it simple and clean, look out for Nordic lighting options that come with monotone finishes in optic clear or opal white globes for a nice warm or playful atmospheric glow.


How Light Makers Can Help You

There are not many customise lighting shops in Singapore, and with over 30 years of experience to back it up - we have become one of Singapore’s trusted and established specialists in the field. If you need a lighting consultant in Singapore, Light Makers is more than equipped with the knowledge and expertise to advise you.

Contact us for a consultation or visit our Jalan Besar showroom today and find out more about what sort of LED options work best for you!



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