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Lighting Ideas for a Compact Space

Oct 17, 2023 Light Makers

Lighting Ideas for a Compact Space

It’s not just about size proportions when you are trying to determine what sort of light fittings would be most suitable for a smaller living room. The key is to find the correct combination of lights that ensures your living room is well-lit while fulfilling its ambient and decorative lighting tasks seamlessly as well.

We’ve put together a list of lighting ideas that have been provided by interior design experts for you to consider when you shop for light fittings:


1. Light Up Dark Corners

In compact spaces, it is common to experience situations where natural light does not reach the whole room. Leaving shadow corners tends to make the space feel smaller, especially at night. Look at your space and determine if there are any corners that could do with a simple table lamp or standing lamp.

2. Lighting + Art

While a smaller room may mean that you would have to make do with fewer decorative fixtures around, this can easily be worked around by looking for light fittings that can be functional and unique at the same time. For instance, consider sculptural wall lightings if you have enough wall space to work with.

3. Seperate Your Circuits 

While chandeliers are a great way to make a statement, certain compact spaces may be constrained with a low ceiling. In this case, consider using recessed downlights or ceiling lights controlled by a separate circuit to illuminate the centre of the room.

4. Consider Zone Lighting

When working with a small space, it may be difficult to establish zones for each area when it can be used as a living room, playroom, or a workspace all at once. Once you have determined the layout of your room, placing different types of lighting can help identify each zone’s purpose. For instance, placing a floor lamp next to an armchair immediately allows one to associate that this corner would be a perfect place to read at.

5. Go for Impact While Keeping It Minimal

Living in a compact space does not mean that you cannot opt for statement light fittings. By going for a minimal statement fixture, it can still pull the entire interior design together for a contemporary vibe without making people feel that the room is overcrowded.


How Light Makers Can Help You

There are not many customise lighting shops in Singapore, and with over 30 years of experience to back it up - we have become one of Singapore’s trusted and established specialist in the field. If you need a lighting consultant in Singapore, Light Makers is more than equipped with the knowledge and expertise to advise you.

Contact us for a consultation or visit our Jalan Besar showroom today and find out more about what sort of LED options work best for you!


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